Kawasan Falls: A place of majestic beauty.

Ever thought about the perfect place for winding down? Or maybe yet, the ideal destination where you can feel the rush of adrenaline, coursing through your veins? These questions imply contrasting ideas but depict what Kawasan Falls can give you! Imagine hearing the deafening roars of the water making you want to just sit back and listen – yet at the same time giving you an urge to dive in.

Keywords: Kawasan Falls: Review and Guide

 The concept of Zen  for most people refers to peace of tranquility and meditation. When traveling to Kawasan’s paradise, you will see the vibrant blue hues of its falls; the varying shades of nature’s emerald-tinted leaves; and even smell the scent of moss and lichen – all these gravitates you to this wonderful place in Badian, Cebu. And I am sure that you will definitely “fall” in love with this spot in an instant!

How to get to Kawasan Falls? 
Keywords: Kawasan Falls: Review and Guide
Kawasan Falls is just a 3-hour bus ride from Cebu City via Santader-Barili-Toledo road and is located inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. Upon arriving, you will see the Matutinao church. The entrance fee is 20php/pax. However, if you have things with you that need to be brought up to the falls, people from the parking area can help you carry your things but for a fee ranging from 200-400php. Two people will already be helping you bring your things up the trail and back. Although, I recommend you ask each one of them first for the fee depends on who you get!

From that point, you will have to walk uphill for about 15-30 minutes.[1] But what’s amazing is, you get to enjoy the view while you are on track! On your way, you will go through several small bridges. One of them is abandoned, by the way. Moreover, you’ll also encounter an old power plant as well. As you progress, the turquoise-tinged color of Kawasan river and its length will become more visible; and as you continue, you will see abandoned bridges, wooden or nipa houses, the local life and even coconut palms! If you are tired from the trekking, rest up and buy coconut for only 30php.[2] They are fresh from nature, delectable and will surely quench your thirst. 

After a few minutes you would probably be at the first Kawasan waterfall tier. In pictures, the view seen is the turquoise waterfall along with all the shades of nature. There is also of course, a bamboo raft (can sit up to15 to 20 persons) which you can rent for only 300php. Tada! You can already take yourself underneath the cascading waters for a refreshing and natural waterfall massage. If you can’t swim and are afraid of the current, a life vest can be rented for 50php. 
Kawasan Falls-Bamboo boat
Behind the cameras of those pictures  are the cottages (1,500-2,500php) and tables (500php) available for rent. If you plan on an overnight stay, there are rooms available for as low as 900php for two! With regards to drinks, food or snacks, you may bring your own if you are on a budget. But if you do have the budget and don’t want any extra baggage to carry around, these necessities are already made available in the restaurant area.
Kawasan Falls-Restaurant

Kawasan Falls restaurant

Walking for another round to get to the second waterfall tier isn’t really time-consuming at all. Well, it also depends on your speed of course. But always watch your steps! Take every shift slow and just feel the serenity of the place. 

The second tier compared to the first one has lesser people. Though, it still has the same relaxing and beautiful ambience. It has a wider area and has a height of over 20 meters. This is halfway shorter than the first waterfall which has a height of over 40 meters. If you are wondering whether the road in between is difficult because of this difference, then the answer is no. It is not. But if you ask about the road to the third tier, that’s a different story. The last tier also known as “Kabukalan” which means “The Source”,[5] the path becomes more challenging making it the less visited falls among the three. Furthermore, this waterfall passes through the Matutinao River and the 

The time and effort spent on walking or climbing wouldn’t be comparable to the calming feeling of finally being able to reach the highest level of the three-tiered Kawasan Falls. This part is equally as beautiful as the others though.
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Ever heard of the Kawasan Canyoneering? This is for the daredevils and brave hearts. This nerve-wracking adventure will bring your experience to the next level! The jump-off area of the actual canyoneering would be from Alegria of Cebu which tour guides will take you there. This is a 4-5 hour activity and will be a downstream canyoneering that will end at Kawasan falls. Make sure to hype yourself up because this adventure will not only involve the typical waterfall jumping, braving extremely cliff jumps and river trekking but also rappelling, hiking and climbing! The price rate is at 1200php/Pax. This already includes trained guides, life vest and helmet, bottled water plus snack, registration and environmental fees, habal-habal fares and as well as lunch at the Matutinao Beach Resort. A lower price is also possible if you go directly to local guides whichever is convenient for you.

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So if you’re planning on a new family-trip, couple getaway or just having an adventure day with friends, Kawasan falls is the perfect place! Relax, indulge, and experience Kawasan Falls: A Stimulating Zen.